Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Paid To Read

Difficulty: Low
Earnings: Low

If you want to jump into earning money right away, the easiest place to start is Paid-To-Read emails. There are programs that pay you for reading emails. They are not scam sites and have actually paid me several times. Keep in mind that earning from them is pretty slow overall, but it is very easy to earn since all you have to do is read emails.

The average earnings from Paid-To-Read sites are approximately 0.5 cents per email. Keep in mind that when you see something like 0.5c, that actually means half a cent (not 50 cents!). I would only recommend joining programs that are at least 0.5c per email, anything lower than that is just too slow and you won't reach payout in a reasonable time.

These are the best ones to join, the payout is very easy to reach:

aPairOf.com - This site actually pays you to click links. They pay you at least 0.5c per link that you click! The 0.5-cent links do not have a timer, and the 1-cent links have a timer of 45 sec. It's quite easy to reach their $1 payout if you check back everyday for links.

Teasa's Tea Mails - They pay you at least 0.5c per email you read, with a relatively low timer compared to other sites. Their minimum payout is $0.25, also easy to reach. You have the option to get weekly automatic payout here.

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