Saturday, April 22, 2006

Paid Surveys

Difficulty: Medium
Earnings: Medium to High

There are programs that pay you for taking surveys. They take longer than the previously mentioned programs like the paid-to-read ones, but paid surveys you will earn more money.

One of the highest paying survey sites is SurveySavvy. They send you surveys periodically based on the initial demographic questionnaire you take when you first join them. Their surveys are commonly worth $10 to $50, although it varies quite a bit. Most of the time, the longer the survey takes to complete, the higher the value.

The surveys' length average around 20 minutes from my experience with SurveySavvy. You can request payout by check, but it takes about 4 weeks for the check to be delivered. It's best to wait until you have accumulated a good amount of earnings before you request payment.


Anonymous said...
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Holly said...

Thanks for posting proof of your earnings. That way people actually know if the company is for real or not! :)


Peter Parks said...

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Anonymous said...

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I need money said...

Hey nice check!

I know your blog is mostly about survey sites, but have you ever considered GPT sites. I only ask because I've been having great success with them. Maybe you can give it a try as well..

Anyway, great blog, and I'm going to check out surveysavvy right now.

James Rodriguez said...

Me friend told me about SurveySavvy... he took part in this program and was very satisfied!

Blogger said...

I made $20 for each 20 minute survey!

Guess what? This is exactly what big companies are paying me for. They need to know what their customer base needs and wants. So these companies pay $1,000,000's of dollars per month to the average person. In return, the average person, like me, fills out surveys and gives them their opinion.

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